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tv   9 News Now Sunday at 630pm  CBS  August 9, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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the summer heat wave has arrived. the temperatures hid the mid 90- degree mark and it will remain hot for some time. i'm bruce johnson. let's go to tony pann in the weather center. >> yeah we have a lot of -- to talk about. we made it into the mid-90s but didn't break records. let's look at the official high. 96 degrees. 0.thcordre gh th102 setback in 2319 we are well short of in23 but in a inmmsummer where we n't suhad much heat that is impressive. 59 downtown right now and 93 in ma na says.
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and the heat index near 100 degrees. tomorrow temperatures 95, 96 and the air quality is in the poor range on heotr g biother b of thrsdes untormdropping out ena. lva sthine is south, southeast at o guut southeast at 50 urand r p up r pesto t and 70 miles d urhor in pennsylvania. if you are tcwa nghius anywhere y you ngbayou have to wa istch this line ofor it. will stay astern itwi ll beit will be track will actrthk this line of storm and there is a chance of a thunderstorm for the next couple hours especial i will east of town. we will check the seven-day forecast when i come back. was there another collision of two metro train or near collision of metro trains that the public was not told about until today. the system says it was not a
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close call but the washington post said they were dangerously close. >> reporter: once again metro and the washington post are providing different versions of what problem with the automatic train control system means. back in march a train overshot the platform at the potomac avenue station. because of the automatic train control system. the post says the national transportation safety board did not find out until loose week. and the metro says the post is comparing apples and oranges. the post is asked why the ntsb is only now finding out about a problem on march 22nd. the day was saved by the train operator who hit the emergency stop button. an internal report said this was a potentially catastrophic consequence. the problem was a bad relay in
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one of the older cars. while isthe veatinigstion is focusing on the automac l roig control in -iatdethnsin pe-ih y atltnas wae ththe th uicitsrc rail. the ntsb ys edatdeaninci isolated incident is sepate and apart from the june 22nd accident the two are not related. >> sit surprising i didn't hear about it until today. and i think news like that should be told to everyone because it is concerning. >> i can't worry about it because it's nothing i can control. >> reporter: e reseonsp responsh opere at operate collision. >> collision. >> memeo tro netoed s be modernized. it needs detamamaintained at i d re rapi . needs ca i needs new cars and safer cars. new technology and it all takes money.
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>> reporter: metro says it put that train out of service involved in the march 2nd incident, took the passengers off and they identified the problem and took care of it. that is their story. the post article seems to be a slightly different version. >> thanks a lot. now an update on the midair collision above the hudson river. divers pulled up a fourth victim from the crash site. as additional bodies are recovered they will be taken to the medical examiner's office for identification. a small plane and a sightseeing helicopter collided while scores on the ground watched. this new video of the wreckage being removed. the coast guard is narrowing down the location of the plane. the water is murky and the current is strong. right now the ntsb is working on recorrecting the accident sequence. the big questions are when did the pilots see each other and why not sooner?
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>> we will be looking at visibility, we're going to be looking at whether or not the positioning of the aircraft permitted one a see the other and the -- you know, the situational awareness of the pilots is important. the seating position what they were doing at the time, if there were distractions if they were communicating with others or air traffic control. all of they -- that will be a part of the investigation. >> nine people were killed in the crash. the tragedy is sparking questions about aric traffic safety. surae chinn spoke with local pilots in this area. >> reporter: on a hot sunday afternoon the skies in maryland can get crowded. it is a day where pilots mainly use the visual flight rule of see and avoid. rules that david teaches in flight school. >> you can see out the sides and back. not many airplanes you can do
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that. >> reporter: the ntsb is investigating what caused the tragedy above the hudson river making some question whether the see and avoid rule is safe enough. >> it is enough. but there is always that one crazy circumstance where two planes are in each other's blind spots and they won't see it coming until they hit. it is never 100%. >> it is exactly what you do out on the road, you see and avoid other cars. >> but are there more blind spots when we are talking about aircraft? >> many aircraft you can't see behind you. >> reporter: pilots use radar that detects other aircraft nearby. >> you have this, the outside and the radios. >> reporter: they say the chance of a midair collision in the district would be unlikely because of air space restrictions of a 16-mile radius around reagan national. outside the area the
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restrictions are reduced. >> it is safer flying a plane than driving to the airport. >> reporter: many pilots say the system works for them in the air. they say the more traffic in the skies the more you increase the dangers. in the information center, surae chinn, 9 news now and the aircraft owners and pilots association say in the past ten years there have been 70 collisions of small aircraft. president obama is headed to mexico. the president left andrews air force base this morning. among the topics are the economy and the h1n1 flu epidemic. it was just getting started when president obama first visited mexico in april. health care was the topic on the sunday morning talk. republican says the government should not make the national debt worse and that is one of the reasons they are opposed to democratic plans for
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overhauling the system. democrats consultanter they cannot afford not to fix that system. >> our economy is uncompetitive because we have an employer- based health care system. i am not advocating getting rid of the system a lot of people like it. but i am advocating giving people the same choice as congress. >> you are either ripping off the hospitals, the doctors or somebody because cost controlled defined by the government means -- >> wait a minute. >> and the debate continues to spill over in town hall meetings around the country. it was a packed house from des moines iowa. tom harken got an earful about the bill. >> it reads like something that was brought up in the 1930s in germany. it is not good [ inaudible ] >> a lot of the people who were here have no clue oh than making comments that, you know,
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they are going to be afraid because -- people's lifestyles will be changed. >> a lot of fear are stoked by those that don't want to change. >> reporter: senator harken says the meeting went well and some people have legislate questions. still ahead on 9 news now, the redskins return to the practice field. and d.c. united takes on one of the greatest soccer clubs in the world. plus a school that decided to to adt a no-homework policy. details after the break. this is 9 news now. follow your lead.
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off the streets at night in prince george's county has doubled in size over the past year. it started as a pilot project last year with 7,000 teens. by the end of july this year, 13,000 youth have joined. the program runs monday through saturday nights from 10:00 p.m. to midnight. there are movies, dance lessons and video games for young people between the ages of 12 and 24. louisiana school is testing out a new idea to bring smiles to students. this fall there will be no homework. the students have to complete the assignments in regular school hours. it will give students more quality time with family. but some parents are concerned the children might not do as well academically or spend the quality time at home. >> without the discipline of having to do it to turn in the next day i'm a single mom of three kids and i don't know i
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will take the initiative to let's work on something in your work book tonight. >> lauren toms predicts more tv and video game time for her son. the principal says they will give it a year to see how it impacts test scores. tony, what do you have? >> it is hot "today" and tomorrow. but the heat won't stick around long. and we have strong thunderstorms popping in out of pennsylvania. we'll talk about all of that when we come back in a few minutes. stay with us. explain.
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animal experts in delaware have euthanized a 22-foot beached whale. volunteers made attempts to get it to move to deeper water. and the delaware state park official says it is the first incident of a live whale stranded at the cape in a decade. it is where the delaware bay and the atlantic ocean come together. >> i have to check it out. >> bring some money, i will take you to lunch. >> very funny. you have to keep up with bruce. let's talk weather here. it will get hot tomorrow. but we have storms to talk
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about tonight. all kinds of stuff to discuss this evening. the three day trend first. 96 today and 96 tomorrow with the heat index around 100 degrees but it will be gone by the middle of the week with thunderstorms. tonight partly cloudy chi -- skies with a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. the low temp in the 70s. partly sunny tomorrow and a chance for an afternoon thunderstorm. the high temperatures in the mid-90s. the heat index around 100. once again, southwest wind at 10 to 15 miles per hour. we are in the mid-90s in most spots. but the dew points running near 70 so the heat index is near 100 degrees. that hasn't improved much this evening. if you are out and about keep that in mind. we have thunderstorms to discuss like we said at the top of the show. the warm front is parked in
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central pennsylvania and we have a big cluster of thunderstorms develop on the front. these are mesosew scale complexes. it is a strong storm and moving to the southeast at 50 miles per hour. it is producing wind gusts close to 100 in some areas. it has weakened significantly has it comes into maryland. this line of storms is going through maryland and delaware and it is pounding those areas right now. seeing dozens of severe weather reports. it will track to the south and east. and for the most part it will stay on the eastern shore and in delaware but if you are watching close to the bay, keep an eye on this has -- this cluster of storms. the storm prediction center issued a severe thunderstorm watch for counties east of the bay. but the biggest threat is on the eastern shore. we'll keep an eye on the storms
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as it drops down out of pennsylvania. a big history of producing severe weather with wind gusts close to 100 miles per hour. another line of storms in the central part of the country. it will come through on tuesday and get rid of the heat for us. another day with the heat. then front comes through late in the afternoon. there's a slight chance for thunderstorms on monday afternoon as the front gets closer. but the best chance is during the day on tuesday. and the high temperatures fall back into the mid-80s by the middle and end of the week. two big stories from the weather department, possibility of strong thunderstorms on the eastern shore and beaches tonight. and again a day with temperatures in the mid-90s tomorrow and the heat index near 100. >> thanks a lot. nats? >> best team in baseball. i'm not kidding. a busy day in sports. tennis, baseball, football, and soccer. ahead in sports, can the
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skins put up points. and fedex field is packed. d.c. united hangs with the world's best team. and the nationals are the hottest . teone stsear but one starter may no longer with -- be with them. we'll explain. r
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the redskins held their first full scrimmage on saturday but sunday that didn't earn their breaks as they went back to two a days. it was the guys on the other tideside doing that. in a skill heavy morning session the defensive guys playing catch hoping it will translate into inspections this season. the amount of minutes is not as important as what you do with it. and if it will help them put points on the board they will take it. >> we threw throws to linebackers, d.b.s, just trying to get the idea of quarterback ball speed and inspections. not dropping the ball. it worked out great. >> stay up late with us.
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dean mitch will be in the house and break down the players about to break out this year and those looking at a do or die season. that is at 11:35 on sports plus. while the redskins are known as a team that will anteup the money for plays, the burgundy and gold and not compete with the team on their home field today, d.c. united spent $400 million on players in their off season and they were on full display for 70,000 strong. reynaldo, ka ka among the names in action. and d.c. united was as good as the best team in the world and then after that real madrid showing why it is the best team in the world. two minutes later, all alone right here after that assist
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and united keeper comes out to no avail. >> they bring in world class players that are fresh. and you can see the difference that fresh legs makes. they are a great team and we were happy how we came out. >> and forget the sweltering temperatures in d.c. today, the hottest thing in the city is not the weather sit surprising i will the washington nationals who are right out a seven game win streak longer. going for their second sweep in a row. nats down 1-0 but adam dunn says we will scoop it going, a two run home run. j.d. martin on the mound making the fifth start of his career working out of a jam. runners on second and third he gets the ground out and the natings get insurance to lock it up.
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in the 8th elijah duke. and the nats sweep the d. backs. 9-2 is the final. the nats have won eight streak and that is the longest streak in the majors. and the nats are likely losing christian guzman who hit the waiver wires. the sox are trying to work out a deal with him. he is due $8 million next year. the orioles at the blue jays. brian madson facing vernon wells and wells gets the best of him. bag blast look where it lands in the second deck. it made it 5-2 jays. they hold to win 7-36789 andy roddick reached the finals in his last two tournaments. and clearly sunday nights are not too peaceful in the roddick household either. trying to take down the
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defending champion. with the ace he wins the first set 6-3. but the champ is unphased. roddick pressured into the unforced error, 7-5 to spaniard. they go to the tie break. too strong. the forehand winner clips the line. he is the first back to back winner at the -- legs may man ten years. >> thank you very much. more on guzman. 60 minutes is next. see you back here at 11:00. >> bye.
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